The SoTL Performance Index

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Performance Index encourages those SoTL activities and endeavours which are particularly effective at supporting the enhancement of teaching and learning within the University.

At Sydney, the 'Scholarship of Teaching and Learning' is understood in terms of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's definition:

"Our work as teachers should meet the highest scholarly standards of groundedness, of openness, of clarity and complexity. But, it is only when we step back and reflect systematically on the teaching we have done ... in a form that can be publicly reviewed and built upon by our peers, that we have moved from scholarly teaching to a scholarship of teaching".

While at Sydney we would want all teachers to 'step back and reflect systematically on their teaching' in ways that are consistent with a commitment to openness and mutual accountability, there is no expectation that every teacher should be publishing higher education research. Indeed, if the aim is for their peers within the University to build upon this communication, there are far more effective dissemination strategies than journal articles which academics at Sydney might use to communicate about their teaching. The scholarship index scheme is not intended to be the sole means of recognising SoTL performance; indeed SoTL achievements are central to both promotion and teaching awards schemes at Sydney. Nor is the scheme intended to recognise every form of SoTL, rather it seeks to support strategic SoTL activities that deliver the greatest benefit to the University.

The revised scheme came into effect on 1 January 2011. Under the new scheme most of the data is collected centrally. Any faculty submissions for non-centrally collected data will be due on 30 November, for the current reference year. Please contact Sally Paynter in the DVC(E) Office with any queries about the administration of the SoTL Performance Index scheme.

Please Note: As part of the University's budget review this DVC Education program will unfortunately not be funded in 2012.