Selection Criteria and Application Structures

Selection Criteria Application structure
1. The project addresses a strategic challenge for enhancing engaged inquiry through RELT or CELT within the Faculty/Division. Strategic Challenge: What is the issue to be addressed? Why is it a priority for the faculty? (1 page)
2. The solution proposed is likely to result in meaningful improvements in engaged inquiry for a significant number of students in the Faculty/Division. The solution: How will the challenge be addressed? What are you going to do? What is the argument for why this approach / method will be effective? What is the project plan? (2 pages)
3. Project team has the expertise and linkages to complete the project and achieve staff and student participation. Project team: Why is this team the right one to do it? How will you ensure buy-in and participation by staff and students in your faculty? (Half a page)
4. Faculty/Division activities, priorities & arrangements effectively support successful achievement of project goals and there are arrangements proposed to ensure sustainability of improvements in students' learning experiences and outcomes What Faculty/Division commitments will help ensure a successful and sustainable outcome What support will the faculty/division provide e.g. funding, teaching relief, elearning support etc. (1 page)
5. A convincing evaluation & dissemination strategy is proposed. How will the project demonstrate its accountability to the University community? (Half a page)