Strategies: Teaching to Diversities

A Snapshot of USyd’s student body

The University’s 2005 figures showed that:

  • 22% of all students at the University (local and international) spoke a language other than English at home.
  • 31% of our local students (or 11,496 students) were born overseas.
  • 19% of our total enrolments were international students.
  • Our student profile encompassed over 170 different countries of birth.
  • 279 of our students were of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

(From Staff and Student Equal Opportunity Unit website.)

Teaching to Diversities

  1. Indigeneity
  2. Religion
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Disability
  5. International/Language

On this part of our website we have assembled a range of resources which we hope will be directly useful to teaching staff and other staff interacting with particular groups within our diverse student body. The resources incorporate the results of institutional, national and international research projects, including those initiated by researchers at this University. We acknowledge the excellent work being done by colleagues in other institutions, and welcome information about new research and resources.

Some resources contain 'tips and techniques', while others consider more philosophical aspects of pedagogy and inclusivity. We have tried to give particular prominence to voices of students themselves, as they articulate their needs and aspirations in and for a new world of learning.

We recognise the limitations of any attempt to classify difference according to headings such as those below. We hope, however, that the arrangement will be useful for people seeking a quick snapshot of the learning needs of a particular group, or an overview of the central issues in the research relating to such a group.