Engaged Enquiry Course (EEC)

About the Engaged Enquiry Course

This course addresses the need for a continuing professional development course for more experienced teachers at The University of Sydney. Many teachers have completed the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (HE), but in some cases some time ago, and they and others say they are looking for something accessible to update their knowledge of teaching ideas. Most of the recent ideas in teaching can be organized around the concept of engaged enquiry (for teachers and students) and those ideas are the focus of the content of this course. Sydney University is involved in a major cross university curriculum renewal program and part of the proposal is to build the capacity of faculty staff in relation to engaged enquiry as a key element of the curriculum review.

The course draws on the student learning research, the principles of good teaching and examples of engaged enquiry from within the University of Sydney (from Strategic Teaching Enhancement Projects (STEPs) and other curriculum initiatives) as well as from the many developments now reported in the literature. If on completing this course you would like to provide us with other examples, please contact the EI.

Course learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify teaching/learning activities that are likely to lead to engaged enquiry;
  • describe the key features of assessment strategies that enhance student engagement; and
  • outline how more Research-enriched Learning and Teaching and/or Community-engaged Learning and Teaching could be incorporated into your Unit of Study and/or course.

Would you like to do this course?

The course is free for people with a Sydney University Unikey. If you are interested, look through the next few pages, until you get to the 'Getting Started' page, then follow the instructions to register.

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