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Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning

The EI’s Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Teaching and Learning Project ran from 2000-2007. It aimed to support the University community in making best use of quality assurance data to further enhance on teaching and learning. The project encompassed support for the development and implementation of the University’s policies and strategies to assure and enhance the quality of teaching and learning, the EQA Working Group’s activities; the EI’s teaching evaluation service which includes the university’s systems for collecting data from students and graduates in relation to the quality of their teaching and learning; and support for the University’s initiatives to recognise excellence in teaching and learning through university and national awards.

In 2007 the separate EI working groups were concluded and the activities replaced with a single 'EI Associate Deans (L&T) group'.

EQA working group

The EI convened the Evaluation and Quality Assurance (EQA) Working Group in December 2000 to support faculties in implementing aspects of the University policy on The Management and Evaluation of Teaching and in making the best use of institutional and faculty level data. The EQA Working Group provided an additional forum for consultation between the PVC (Learning and Teaching) and the faculties on relevant issues.

The EQA working group had representatives from the different faculties who are nominated by their Deans. The members of the working group cooperated to:

  • Facilitate the establishment of appropriate processes to implement academic board policies relating to the enhancement and assurance of learning and teaching in the participants’ faculties
  • Support faculties in interpreting quality assurance data (eg SCEQ, USE, students open response comments etc) and identifying potential contributing factors
  • Support faculties in identifying relevant issues to investigate further and the formulation of collaborative research strategies to effect such investigations
  • Support faculties in using evaluation and quality assurance data in benchmarking activities
  • Support faculties in planning effective responses to the teaching and learning issues identified in quality assurance data
  • Provide leadership in their faculties in the area of evaluation and quality assurance of teaching and learning
  • Support the dissemination and communication of information regarding strategic university initiatives in evaluation and quality assurance of teaching and learning to colleagues in their faculties
  • Support the learning of colleagues in their faculties in relation to evaluation and quality assurance of teaching and learning
  • Facilitate consultation between faculties and the PVC L&T and the EI on issues relating to the evaluation and quality assurance of learning and teaching
  • Contribute to the development and formulation of policy in relation to recognising and rewarding excellence in teaching
  • Identify and prioritise strategic issues for the working group to address each year

As anticipated that the scope and purpose of the working group evolved in response to the changing needs of the university community.

The group met three or four times a year and group members worked between meetings to help achieve the aims of the group. This work involved gathering information to share with other members of the working group at meetings, faculty based academic development activities relating to evaluation and quality assurance of teaching and learning and other activities as appropriate in the respective faculties. Download our Orientation pack.

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