Team Trivia 2013

Six  teams battled two rounds of 15 questions at the 2013 Sydney Teaching Colloquium evening of trivia – focused on everything from L&T acronyms, countries beginning with letter I to film, Sydney’s train lines, music, books of the Bible, and politics. An addition this year was the ‘Who Am I board’ – inviting teams to puzzle over the faces of notable Australians for extra points.

This year’s teams, comprising Engineering & IT’s The Turing Testers, the Drug Squad from Pharmacy, Agus Avengers from Science, Health Science’s Isotopic Degenerates, and two teams from the Institute for Teaching & Learning (confusingly titled We’re Still Here, and We’re Still Here - not) were instructed early on by Quiz Mistress Marie Carroll to put away their personal devices but it was likely that Google made an appearance here, there and everywhere.

Controversy reared more than once: first, when Tim Wilkinson of the The Turing Testers claimed that the Ivory Coast ought to have been a legitimate response to a question about countries beginning with the letter I, forcing Keith Trigwell to remind them (with a wry smile) that its official name was indeed the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire; and second, when a member of Pharmacy’s Drug Quad claimed an unusual distinction between a ‘musical artist’ and ‘the band’. Quiz mistress Carroll cautioned the teams that her decision was final.

In the end, the 2013 winners – The Turing Testers (an all-male group of Engineers, occasionally joined by Irena Koprinska) – deserved their victory. The final word goes to David Lowe who was heard to comment: “it’s important to show that Engineers are well-rounded people”. Indeed.

Team Trivia 2013 Winners