Teaching @ Sydney

November 2012

Becoming engaged and effective learners

The aim of this Colloquium session was to share initiatives and good practices in those aspects of curriculum which support the transition of students becoming engaged and effective learners, particularly within the student’s first six weeks at university.

An introduction to the concept of a curriculum which aids transition to university raised the key questions for the session: how can we, as staff, encourage this transition and what activities in the first six weeks will aid students in their transition?

After participants discussed these questions in round table format, a panel of students addressed the issues, speaking frankly of their experiences when new to the university and when acting as mentors to new students. In round table sessions, participants shared and evaluated the strategies that had been aired to aid successful transition.

Speakers from Arts, Education, and Science presented lively examples of practices which they use to inspire and engage students, including a scavenger hunt, community visits, group projects, guide books and ways in which they encourage students to build relationships with each other and the university and establish the foundations for university study.

Speakers from the Education Portfolio and the Library explained how their work complements that in the faculties, by for example, providing first year students with a road map for accessing the resources available from the library.

Further discussions in the round table format were facilitated by staff from many parts of the university before the session concluded with the final responses and comments from the students.