Teaching @ Sydney

November 2012

Graduate Certificate triumph

The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Educational Studies) concluded this month with inspiring and engaging presentations from participants of their scholarship of teaching and learning projects. Participants collaboratively worked on eight group inquiry projects:

  • Perceptions of stigmatisation in accessing academic writing support services - Jocelyn Bussing, Frances Di Lauro, Sunil Dubey, Stephen Howlett
  • Can we continue to justify the grading of tutorial participation in 2012? David Large, Atilla Orel
  • Mandatory completion of Unit of Study Evaluations: A student perspective - Janine Coupe, Wes Hamilton-Jessop, Vijaya Murthy
  • A pedagogic gap? Exploring student perceptions of learning quality in large-size tutorials - Jillian Barnes, Shé Hawke, Alana Mann, Gaby Ramia
  • Do student perceptions of group work change over the course of a tertiary degree? Tash Hamilton, Kaiying Ji, Vincy Li, Daniel Ryan
  • Teachers’ purposes and students’ perceptions of group work - Feike Dijkstra, Wayne Palmer, Dagmar Reinhardt
  • An anti-fog solution for novice dental students in the Preclinical discipline of Tooth Conservation - Susie Dracopoulos, Cathie Spiker
  • Teaching inclusively to EAL students in the Faculty of Health Sciences; do staff feel equipped? Natalie Allen, Kerrie Lante

All the projects and presentations were of a very high standard, and a highlight was the presentation by Susie Dracopoulos (Dentistry) and Cathie Spiker (Medicine) of their inquiry into the benefits for students’ learning of a marking guide and a video exemplar of clinical skills. Susie and Cathie made their five minute video during semester with the expert assistance of staff in Audiovisual Services.

For more information about any of the projects above please contact the ITL and we will forward your enquiry.

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