Teaching @ Sydney

December 2012

Get a free qualification in university teaching: Enrolment closing soon!

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) is a formal qualification in tertiary teaching. It is offered through the Faculty of Education and Social Work and taught by academic staff in the Institute for Teaching and Learning.

The Graduate Certificate is a full fee-paying course, but the course fees are waived for University of Sydney staff, provided staff have permanent residency/citizenship status. To avoid paying course fees you will need to provide certified copies of evidence of your employment at the University; this can include a copy of your staff ID card or a copy of your pay slip.

The course work involves practice- and project-based tasks relevant to your teaching context. Participants evaluate the course highly -  91% of participants in 2011 were in agreement or strong agreement that the Graduate Certificate was a quality course. As one participant commented, “the Grad Cert has given me a room of my own, a space to work out what I am doing, how I am doing it and crucially, understand why I am doing it. This has transformed me as a teacher, and perhaps also as a learner”.

Enrolment for the 2013 course is closing soon! To apply click here.

For more information about the Graduate Certificate and answers to FAQs please click here. If you have any queries then please don't hesitate to contact the Program Coordinator, Dr Graham Hendry.