Teaching @ Sydney

December 2012

Your teaching in 2013... get a head start

Here's a few simple things you could do now to get a headstart on your 2013 teaching planning:

  • Have a cup of tea or coffee and think about what worked well (or didn't) from your perspective this year;
  • Gather feedback from your 2012 teaching team on their teaching experiences, and also what they thought worked well (or didn't);
  • Go through some of those 'notes to self' you've (mentally or physically) scribbled down throughout the year... would any of those teaching and learning ideas work in 2013? Perhaps select one to 'try out' on a colleague or two?
  • Look through student ratings and comments on the unit of study and/or your teaching. Dig up your Semester 1 USE and FFT results, or emails received from students;  and have a look through the new USE and FFT results for Semester 2 that will be released on 10 December;
  • Update your 2013 unit of study outlines before Christmas closedown, or at least a make a draft; and
  • As far as is possible, start gathering your 2013 teaching team now. Think about how you'd like to work with them throughout 2013 to support their career development, and to create the best possible learning environment for your students.

For more ideas on preparing for teaching, see these useful checklists.