Teaching @ Sydney

February 2013

Thinking of going for promotion this year?

The 2013 academic promotion round is now open. A general information session is scheduled for intending applicants at 1-3pm Thursday 7 February, in the General Lecture Theatre K2.05, Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus.

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

Level B - Thursday 21 March
Level C - Thursday 21 March
Level D - Thursday 4 April
Level E - Thursday 18 April

Following the general information session, the ITL is once again offering to collaborate with Faculty Associate Deans Learning and Teaching, and volunteer Local Promotions Committee (LPC) members to host a one hour session for intending applicants. In the session, ITL staff will focus on preparing the teaching case for promotion, including how to appropriately use student and other sources of feedback data, and how to make a convincing case for outstanding teaching.

Please contact your Faculty's Associate Dean Learning and Teaching to find out more about the session for your Faculty.

For more information and resources on preparing your application click here.