Teaching @ Sydney

December 2012

Planning your 2013 teaching - new policies to keep in mind

Are you teaching or coordinating a unit of study in first semester? If yes, then it might be time to start preparing aspects of your teaching next year to comply with new university policies.

The standards-based Assessment Policy and Procedures are due to be fully implemented across all courses and programs by the end of 2013. A key aspect of the Procedures is that the differences between work at different achievement levels (i.e., standards) should be described in information given to students.

If you haven't already articulated the differences between work at different grade levels in your unit, then a useful way to begin is by choosing 1 or 2 examples of students' work from this year that are high quality (e.g., at high distinction level), and 1 or 2 examples of work that are a pass (i.e., a minimum level). Start writing your descriptions of the standards at different levels based on these pieces of work.

You could also check the Academic Dishonesty Policy guidelines for ideas on educating your students about academic honesty, and add links in your Blackboard site to referencing tools like Quick©ite to help your students avoid incorrect acknowledgement of sources.

For more information and resources to help you implement the new Assessment Procedures click here, and for more resources to help you implement the new Academic Dishonesty Policy click here.

If you would like to chat about either of these policies, the ITL contact person for both is Dr Graham Hendry.

All the best for your teaching in 2013!