Teaching @ Sydney

December 2012

OLT Grants and Fellowships close in February

Information on 2013 OLT Fellowships, Grants, Citations, and Awards is being released progressively on their website. The first opportunity is the 2013 Fellowships, for which applications close 1 February.

There are a number of changes to the applications for Grants in 2013. Round 1 closes on 25 February. Both full proposals and Expressions of Interest are being called for in Round 1. You will need to consider carefully whether you want to submit a full proposal or an EOI for this round. For Round 2, due 2 August, only full proposals from successful Round 1 EOIs will be considered. From the ‘programs and how to apply’ page you will find the information about Innovation and Development, Leadership for Excellence, and Seed Projects. The priorities for the grants have not yet been announced so keep checking their site over summer if you are considering applying.

There will be a workshop for grant applicants on Wednesday 30 January from 10am – 12pm in New Law Annex 444. Click here to register. It will include a summary of feedback received from the OLT about what’s required for a successful application. There will be an opportunity for peer review for those who would like to take this up. Obtaining feedback from successful grant applicants, whether for OLT or other external grants, is generally very helpful, so identifying a mentor to help you evaluate your application may be a useful strategy.

Additional information, including an overview of internal support available for applicants, is available on the ITL website. This will be updated as further information comes to hand.