Teaching @ Sydney

March 2013

Awards: Encouraging and rewarding innovation in teaching

Recognition for activities which promote and support excellence in teaching and learning is offered by the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards and by the Awards and Citations offered by the Office of Learning and Teaching. These awards which are open to all eligible academic and general staff cover a range of teaching and learning activities

The Vice Chancellor’s Awards provide recognition for excellence in four categories. Applications from academic and general staff are welcomed for the Support of the Student Experience and Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence. Awards for Support of the Student Experience are for members or groups of the university community who support and facilitate teaching and learning or contribute to a high quality student experience. The award for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning recognises that the development of systems and cultures is a key factor in efforts to achieve strategic learning and teaching change. See the information sheets for examples of practices which fit these categories.

Individuals or teams who make a significant contribution to teaching in the course of their employment can apply for the Outstanding Teaching Award which includes an Early Career category. Academic staff who have supervised at least three research higher degree students to completion are eligible for the award for Excellence in Research Supervision. This year applications are also eligible for the DVC (ISS)’s bonus scheme which seeks to reward contributions to indigenous education at the University. The final awards workshop for 2013 will be held on Friday 8 March. Applications for the VC’s awards close on Friday 22 March.

The Office of Learning and Teaching Awards cover three categories, Citations, Awards for Teaching Excellence and Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning. Applications are submitted by the University. There are eight subcategories for the OLT Teaching Excellence and Program Awards. The additional category for Teaching Excellence in 2013 is Global citizenship and internationalisation and the 2013 priority area for Program Awards is High impact strategies for progression, retention and attainment.

Information has been received from the Office For Teaching and Learning that their grants program has been officially granted Category One Status. Further information about this will be disseminated and posted on the ITL grants webpage when it is available.