Teaching @ Sydney

March 2013

Tune in to new video clips on 'how to engage students in lectures'

In collaboration with ICT Audio Visual Services, the ITL is producing several short (4-5 minute) videos on how to engage students in lectures and tutorials. The first three videos in the series which show colleagues engaging students in lectures across a range of disciplines is now available on the ITL website, on the New Staff web page.

The New Staff web page welcomes all new academic staff to teaching at the University, and provides helpful guidance on short courses on teaching, building a career and getting a teaching qualification.

If you are new to teaching and/or the University, and are receiving this issue of Teaching@Sydney for the first time, then you might like to take a look at the videos now available.

If you are an experienced teacher, then why not take a look too, we are looking for more volunteers to collaborate with in making videos!

We will add more videos on lecturing and tutoring during the year. To be involved in making a video, or if you have suggestions about videos you would like to see, then please contact us.