Teaching @ Sydney

March 2013

Keeping up with the latest on research supervision

New supervision policy: On 20 February, a new policy – Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013 – was approved by Academic Board and came into effect two days later. A copy of the policy is available here. A one-hour lunch-time information session on the new policy will be held in April, and for more information on this session, contact Prof. Keith Trigwell.

Foundations of Research Supervision: If you have not yet completed the Foundations of Research Supervision program, there is no better time to do so than now. The feedback has been excellent: Of the over 100 academics from across the University who finished the program last year, 91.2% rated the online modules ‘Useful’ or ‘Very Useful’.

Here are some of their written comments:

  • The way the material was presented compelled me to think about my own orientation as a supervisor: goals, approaches, pitfalls
  • The recommended reading list is great, particularly useful for those outside of the education discipline who wouldn’t know where to find these
  • At first I thought this process was going to be quite dull and pointless but I am finding it very useful
  • The material is put together in a very succinct way and … can be shared with students

In response to written suggestions from the 2012 participants, we have already revised the program for 2013 by adding more case studies and student perspectives, including more up-to-date research literature and some new website resources, and making it easier for participants to interact and discuss the issues with each other.

Even if you have already completed the FRS program, you are welcome to dip back into any module at any time – so check out the new material and join the current online discussions! For more information, click here.