Teaching @ Sydney

April 2013

Further opportunities from the OLT

The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) has announced the following opportunities:

Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program
"The purpose of this program is to drive a major improvement in the quality of mathematics and science teachers by supporting new pre-service programs in which faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery, combining content and pedagogy". Projects need to be a collaboration between science, maths and education, and should involve a number of institutions with research excellence in these areas. Available funding is $12.4 million from 2014 to 2016. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 30 April 2013. Applicants must notify Sally Paynter in the DVCE Office their intention to submit by Tuesday 23 April.

Academic Secondments
Secondees will carry out a program of work for the Government and the higher education sector on strategic priorities. Those seconded will be a source of academic advice and support to the staff of the OLT, with the aim of broadening staff capability within DIISRTE, and building relationships with the home institution. The closing date for nominations is Friday 26 April 2013. It is expected that the secondees will commence as soon as possible after 1 July 2013 and no later than 1 September 2013.