Teaching @ Sydney

May 2013

Free state-of-the-art design studio available for your use

Are you planning to revise an existing course, create a new unit of study, or (re)design a learning space? Will you work on this collaboratively in a team? If so, we invite you to consider using our state-of-the-art design studio in the Education Building (A35).

The Educational Design Research Studio (EDRS) is equipped to support small teams (2-10 people) working on existing or new course development projects. The EDRS offers multiple projectors, interactive whiteboards, and plenty of space on the whiteboard walls to develop your ideas. There are audio, still image and videorecording facilities, so that you can take away a record of your work. Your team can use the EDRS just once, or as many times as needed to develop your project. Potential users might include academics (from any discipline), instructional designers, eLearning specialists, etc.

The EDRS has been created as an educational design research facility. You can use the space at no cost and without any obligation to be involved in our research. If, after viewing the studio, you think you’d like to help with our research program, we would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

In the first instance, please contact Dr Beat Schwendimann.