Teaching @ Sydney

June 2013

More students than ever are having an excellent learning experience at Sydney

Over the past 5 years students' overall satisfaction with the quality of units of study has been increasing, every year, incrementally, as evident in Unit of Study Evaluation results. In particular, the percentage of units rated as excellent quality (80% or higher agreement on item 12) has risen from 55% of units surveyed in Semester 1, 2007 to 69% in Semester 2, 2012.

The Teaching Standards project is on the VC's workslate, and aims to support and lead continued improvement in the quality of units of study offerings across the University, as well as to recognise and celebrate quality achievement. In 2011, a new strategy was launched to enable this work – Compacts between the DVC Education Porfolio and each of the 16 faculties. Each Compact outlines targets for teaching quality (both a minimum standard, and a high quality standard), strategies for meeting these targets, and the support required to achieve them. In the first year almost all faculties were able to report either a decrease in the percentage of units not meeting the minimum standard (of < 20% disagreement on USE Item 12), and/or an increase in the percentage of units meeting the high quality standard (of ≥ 80% agreement on Item 12), for 2012 versus 2011. Also in 2012 (cf. 2011), across the University we saw an improvement in students' experiences of assessment, staff responsiveness, development of graduate attributes, and clarity of expectations.

Congratulations to all involved in designing, supporting, and teaching in our high quality units of study. And thank you to the 16 Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching) for your leadership of teaching and learning development at Sydney.