Teaching @ Sydney

March 2014

Applying for an OLT grant

In 2014 there will be two rounds in which you can apply for OLT funding for teaching and learning projects. OLT grants are a prestigious source of funding in that, with the exception of one or two programs, they are Category 1 funding. While the rounds are competitive, success is achievable; the University has been successful in recent rounds and support is available for making your application.

The first round, Round 2, 2014, which closes internally on Thursday 29th May, is for Seed Projects and for those projects which have already been successful as EOIs in the previous round.
Seed projects can be:

  • pilot projects which test and evaluate an original idea including those that plan to build into full proposals
  • single-institution, small scale projects
  • pilot projects
  • projects to build the capacity of early career academics, including projects which are led by early career academics.

Applications can address any of the priorities in the Innovation and Development or Leadership for Excellence programs, or any other topic. They can run for a maximum of 12 months.

If you are interested in applying for a seed project grant see the ITL webpage and enrol for the workshop on Friday 14th March.

The second round of grants in 2014, Round 1, 2015, is scheduled for November. It is expected to include full applications, EOIs and seed project applications. If you are considering applying in that round it’s worth starting now as the best applications are carefully planned. For example, full applications require partnerships with other institutions and successful partnerships take time to build. The workshops on Friday 14 March and Thursday 8 May will provide advice and support for those interested in making an application.

Other grants offered by the OLT include extension grants which support the continued dissemination and embedding of completed learning and teaching projects. These may be projects funded within institutions, or by one of the OLT's predecessor bodies.