Teaching @ Sydney

May 2015

#edtech talks - Blogging and an app

The #edtech series of talks continues with Dr Rosanne Quinnell from the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science and Professor Adam David Morton from School of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as the speakers on Friday 15 May 2015 from 12.00pm - 1.00pm.

Adam will discuss Blogging as Pedagogy while Rosanne will discuss partnering with undergraduate students on a campus-wide learning and teaching App.

Since joining the University of Sydney in 2014, Adam Morton has promoted the teaching of political economy through social media, specifically linking the classroom to personal and collective blogging activities. He writes: Much has been made of the presence of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and blogging in terms of social networking but how can these activities be coordinated to ensure enhanced pedagogical experiences in the classroom? In this talk, I will relay some of the developments weaved into my regular teaching to ensure the embedded practice of blogging as an indispensable supplement to, and support of, classroom pedagogy. I will focus on how both my personal blog site, For the Desk Drawer, and the collective blog I edit within the Department of Political Economy, Progress in Political Economy (PPE) and launched in 2014, can lead to a fruitful and essential support to classroom teaching. We will discuss approaches to blogging linked to teaching and research, the use of Twitter, and how public and student outreach can be enhanced as a result of the use of such targetted social media.

Rosanne Quinnell's partnering with undergraduate students on a campus-wide learning and teaching App addresses Botanical literacy and, she declares, her plan to take over the world one campus at a time. The University of Sydney Campus Flora Apps were created through a partnership with undergraduate students, professional and academic staff and by harnessing new technologies. Effectively CampusFlora has extended the learning space for Botany from the classroom to the entire campus. The pedagogic focus was to address 'botanical literacy' by providing an interactive map for users (students in Botany, Biology, Ecology, Science plus university community and visitors) to locate, identify and learn about plants. We are now investigating the potential to share our software system so that other universities can offer their own CampusFlora.

The #edtech talks is part of the Sydney Teaching Seminars.

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Save the date

The following #edtech talk on Friday 19 June 2015 from 12.00pm - 1.00pm will feature presentations by Dr Ehssan Sakhaae of Engineering and Information Technology and Dr Catherine Smyth from Education and Social Work. Ehssan will talk about 'Flipping with Edutainment' while Kate will present on digital curation.  Learn what they do and how their students respond.