The University of Sydney offers a staged program of workshops and courses to support university staff in their teaching work. These programs are offered in collaboration with faculty colleagues and units across the University. Activities range from e-learning courses offered by Sydney eLearning, faculty-based mentoring and staff development workshops, a postgraduate award course taught by the Educational Innovation team and offered through the Faculty of Education and Social Work, and doctoral study in the EI in the field of university teaching and learning and academic development, through arrangements with several faculties.

These programs are designed to introduce participants to current principles, practices, debates and research in higher education in the context of this university’s policies. Participants are encouraged to develop scholarly, research-led approaches to teaching while engaging in activities and tasks aimed at cultivating critical reflection on teaching and learning in their own contexts. A particular feature of the EI programs is the emphasis on the value of multi-disciplinary collaboration in relation to university teaching and learning.

The EI sends all academics new to the University a link to introductory resources to support their teaching. New academic staff are also normally required to undertake the first of the EI programs, the Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning program which includes faculty activities. Casual teaching staff at the University are supported through a variety of workshops and programs in their faculties and the EI's online program. Following the ‘Principles and Practice Program’, many staff choose to complete the one year part-time Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education), an advanced program of study building on candidates' university teaching experience. Some continue on to a Graduate Diploma or Masters in Educational Studies. The EI also offers a Foundations of Research Supervision especially for new supervisors at the University.

EI academics also supervise research students who are enrolled in various faculties depending on their research topic. Prospective doctoral students are welcome to contact the EI to discuss their proposed studies.