Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning (P&P) program. The Principles & Practice (P&P) program is a joint Education Portfolio and Faculty program. You will be given a basic introduction to teaching and learning principles in higher education, and University of Sydney teaching and learning culture. The program will address how best to engage your students in learning, and will help you enhance your practical teaching skills in ways relevant to your discipline and faculty.

The full P&P program involves two days run by the Education Portfolio followed by faculty-endorsed activities. A Certificate of Completion will be provided to you once you have completed the 2-day Education Portfolio component and the faculty-endorsed component. Please contact your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching to receive your Certificate of Completion.

The program forms part of the University's confirmation process for the appointment of continuing staff (see page 10 of the policy).

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If your primary teaching role is either tutoring and/or demonstrating you may find the programs currently available in some faculties relevant to attend before completing the Education Portfolio's Principles and Practice program. Links to faculty-based programs are available here. If there is no program available in your faculty, we invite you to register for the P&P program.

Aims of the P&P program

The 2-day program will offer you the chance to think about your own experiences of teaching and learning in relation to current research into how students learn effectively, and how our approaches to teaching may influence that learning. The program looks at practical models and methods we can use to enhance student engagement in a variety of disciplinary contexts, and how to integrate elements of good course design.


Program facilitators include academic staff of the Education Portfolio and guest presenters from faculties.

Certificate of completion

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion from your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching you must complete each day of the 2-day program, from 9.30am-4.30pm. Attendance at the first morning is a prerequisite for attendance at any subsequent sessions. If you miss a session after the first morning we will ask you to make up that session in a later program.

Brooke Fuz is the administrative contact person for the program. She can be contacted by email or by telephone on 8627 5252. The facilitators of the program will be available for consultation throughout. The Coordinator is Dr Graham Hendry.