EDPR 5001 - University teaching and learning

Type: Core unit of study
Unit of Study Coordinator: Dr Graham Hendry
Assessment: 1x200-300wd posting (10%); 1x800wd annotated bibliography (25%); and 1x2000wd project proposal (65%)
Timetable: View the 2016 semester 1 timetable
Unit outline:  

This unit is one of two first semester units offered as part of a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) by the Faculty of Education and Social Work. (The other first semester unit is EDPR5002 Reflection and Practice in University Teaching and Learning). This unit will offer you opportunities to enhance your understanding of good teaching and quality student learning in higher education. The main aim of this unit is to support you in applying your enhanced understanding of teaching and learning to planning scholarly and creative solutions to practice-based problems in your work as a university teacher. As a result of successfully completing this unit of study students should be able to explain relationships between good teaching and quality student learning using theoretical concepts from the higher education literature; and apply an enhanced understanding of good teaching and quality student learning to practice-based teaching and learning issues.