EDPR 5002 - Reflection & practice in university teaching and learning

Type: Core unit of study
Unit of Study Coordinator: Dr Graham Hendry
Assessment: 1x300wd draft teaching philosophy (10%); 1x1200wd peer observation report (25%); 1x1200word student interview report (25%); and 1x2600wd reflective portfolio (40%)
Timetable: View the 2017 semester 1 timetable
Unit outline:  

This unit will offer you the opportunity to develop your understanding of the role and importance of reflection in university teaching and student learning. The main aim of the unit is to develop your ability to reflect on your own teaching practices in a scholarly way. Reflective practice is seen as a key to our continuing development as university teachers. As a result of successfully completing this unit of study students should be able to apply aspects of the scholarly literature on the nature and role of reflection to developing your teaching; and reflect on your own teaching practice in order to improve your students’ learning and inform your ongoing development as a university teacher.