Framework for good teaching

Student-centred teaching involves finding out how students are experiencing the teaching design. In terms of leadership, it means encouraging a conception of teaching that has a Level 3 or Level 4 focus. Level 3 includes Levels 1 and 2, and Level 4 includes Levels 1-3.

Conceptions of teaching

Level 1 Focus: What the student is
Level 2 Focus: What the teacher does
Level 3 Focus: What the student does
Level 4 Focus: What the student perceives

Teachers who are working at Levels 3 or 4 can find out what their students are doing and preceiving using instruments such as the SCEQ and the USE surveys. As the model below suggests, high scores on these process elements (good teaching, clear goals etc) are related to higher quality learning outcomes. Teaching leadership involves support for a context that affords higher SCEQ and USE scores.

Overview of the student learning perspective

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