Scholarship of Teaching

The scholarship of teaching movement has gained momentum since Boyer in 1990 described what he saw as the purposes of the scholarship of teaching. Since then it has been used by leaders as a way to enhance learning and teaching.

Purposes of scholarship of teaching

  • A way to raise the status of teaching
  • A means through which teachers may come to teach more knowledgeably
  • A means through which the quality of teaching may be assessed
  • A way to enhance students' experience of learning

Definitions of scholarship of teaching vary. One approach is ...

To be scholarly is to be engaged in personal, but rigorous intellectual inquiry and development involving values such as honesty, integrity, open-mindedness, scepticism and intellectual humility.

To be engaged in scholarship is to take that process, for scrutiny, into the public arena.

It is to make transparent the processes and outcomes of scholarly activities.


If teaching is about making learning possible ...
...then the scholarship of teaching is about making transparent how learning is being made possible.

If teaching is about collaborative meaning-making ...
... then the scholarship of teaching is about making transparent how collaborative meaning-making is happening.

Investigation Teaching and Learning

The scholarship of teaching can be seen as involving Levels 2 and 3.


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