Building a career in teaching


It is never too early to start planning your academic teaching career and promotion is a key part of that! In consultation with the Provost and the DVC (Education), we offer workshops on making the case for Teaching, in collaboration with Associate Deans Learning and Teaching/Staffing, members of local promotion committees, and previous successful promotion applicants.

Key areas of focus in the workshop include making the best use of quantitative and qualitative student feedback data, and making a convincing case for outstanding teaching. Click here for more information.

Even if you are not thinking of going for promotion in the near future, you should be thinking about how you document and keep records of your achievements and quality teaching practice.

Awards and grants

Obtaining funding for teaching and curriculum projects is a part of most successful teaching careers. While promotion is the University’s main strategy for recognising your contributions as a teacher, Awards can provide another source of recognition.

The Educational Innovation team provides advice and support for staff applying for teaching awards and development grants, both within and beyond the University.

The focus is on helping you to draft an application with the aim of meeting the criteria for the award, and presenting a professional application.

For information about award and grant schemes, or for further advice and support click here.

University strategic priorities

All new staff are encouraged to find out about the University’s strategic priorities in teaching and learning. You can read about these on the Education Portfolio website.

Through the Education Portfolio the Educational Innovation team works with academic staff in the faculties in strategic leadership of teaching and the implementation of teaching and curriculum development initiatives.

For more information about University strategic teaching development projects and how to become involved click here.