Get a qualification in teaching

The Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University offers a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education). The Graduate Certificate is taught by the Educational Innovation Team and is designed for university teachers.

Staff who complete the Graduate Certificate provide their students with a better learning experience and are more likely to win teaching awards and grants.1

The course offers a choice of project-based tasks relevant to your teaching context, and can be completed in 1-2 years part-time. It consists of a mix of class and independent work, and is suitable for both new and experienced teachers. The course focuses on providing participants with a research informed perspective on university teaching and course design based on contemporary pedagogies and learning environments.

Participants evaluate the course highly; with over 90% of participants in agreement or strong agreement that the Graduate Certificate was a quality course in 2012. As one participant commented:

"The Grad Cert has given me a room of my own, a space to work out what I am doing, how I am doing it and crucially, understand why I am doing it. This has transformed me as a teacher, and perhaps also as a learner".

For more information about the Graduate Certificate and to apply click here.

1 Trigwell, K., Caballero Rodriguez, K. & Han, F. (2012). Assessing the impact of a university teaching development programme. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 37(4), 499-511.