Short courses on teaching and supervision

Learning through 'engaged enquiry' is a core value of the University. Engaged enquiry is about students learning by tackling genuine questions and actively thinking about and seeking potential answers.

You can learn more about how to engage your students in learning through enquiry by completing our two-day Principles and Practice of University Learning and Teaching (P&P) program. The P&P program is an introduction to learning and teaching at the University.

Last year 98% of participants were in agreement or strong agreement that what they had learned on the course would be useful in their academic work. As one participant commented,

"Thank you for the last 2 days of the Principles and Practice Program … I do feel a bit more equipped, and confident, to handle a range of future teaching challenges due to all your valuable contributions to my training".

Completion of the program is a condition of probation for all new academic staff on fixed and continuing appointments unless exempted by their appointment committee.

For the two-day schedule of the next P&P program click here. For more information about the program and to register click here.

There are also development programs for Sessional Staff, including Tutors, available in many faculties. We also offer an online program to support casual academics in teaching roles. 

Do you want to enhance your teaching or research supervision skills, or the design of your eLearning website?

If you are new to research supervision, you may be interested in the Foundations of Research Supervision (FRS) program, which is a largely on-line program that you work through at your own pace.

There are a range of eLearning workshops offered on the tools available for teaching and learning using the University's elearning systems. To find out more about these systems and to register for workshops click here.