Advice and Videos on Teaching

Do you want to enhance your practical lecturing or tutoring skills? Often the easiest way to make a start is by having a conversation about your teaching issue with your colleagues.

One of the best ways to learn how to lecture or tutor more effectively is to observe a colleague doing it successfully in your own discipline. To find out more about peer observation learning click here.

You can also watch a series of short 'how-to' videos of teaching in lecture and tutorial settings. These videos focus on strategies that you can use to engage students, and students' reactions and process of engagement. More videos on face-to-face teaching will be added soon.

To see video examples of how staff have engaged students in enquiry through elearning, click here.

There are also videos to watch explaining how to use the audiovisual systems in the university's lecture theatres and rooms.   

You can read summaries of expert advice about common teaching challenges in teaching insights. If you want advice on a particular teaching issue or challenge, then you are also welcome to contact one of us.

First Year Teaching

Are you teaching in First Year? The First Year Experience site is a useful resource. The first year curriculum in your area should make it possible for students to transition from previous learning experiences into their engaged inquiry experience at University.