Opportunities to support your practice and learning as a university teacher at Sydney

Professional Learning and Development Framework

Professional learning opportunities and support are provided by the Education Portfolio in conjunction with faculty based PD opportunities. These are based on an Academic Professional Learning and Development Framework.

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  • Formal study courses / units of study / modules / workshops / self-study resources
  • Communities of practice informal / networks / mentoring / learning communities
  • Project-based learning curriculum renewal / grants / scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) inquiry projects / #edtech incubator projects
  • An Introduction to Teaching at Sydney - online program

    This three hour online self-study program provides an introduction to teaching for casual academics. It includes the principles of good teaching and practical suggestions from experienced teachers at the University of Sydney.

  • Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning

    This course provides an introduction to university teaching and learning principles and practical teaching skills, including how to engage students in 'enquiry'. It involves a two-day face-to-face program run by staff from the Education Portfolio in collaboration with faculty colleagues followed by faculty-level activities. (mandatory)

  • eLearning Fundamentals workshop

    A two hour face to face introduction to the University Learning Management System (LMS). Strategies to enhance the student learning experience using the functionality of the LMS are covered.

  • Just in time online resources – Teaching Insights and videos

    Online resources and videos containing suggestions for responding to some of the practical challenges you may face as a teacher. These are developed in response to commonly asked questions by new staff.

  • Foundations of Research Supervision

    This blended learning program is for academics relatively new to HDR supervision at Sydney to support development of skills and strategies for effective supervision. Includes a choice of four (of six) online modules, followed by a faculty or university face-to-face forum. (usually mandatory)

  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education)

    The Graduate Certificate is a postgraduate award course building on participants' university teaching experience. Participants choose four (out of five) units of study. It engages university teachers with current principles, practices and research in university teaching to develop scholarly approaches to teaching.

  • Engaged Enquiry Course

    This (12 Hour) online self-study program address key teaching and learning issues for Engaged Enquiry. It is suitable for university teachers looking to update their ideas about teaching in relation to the University's education vision.

  • APR Panel training

    Online module for training of RHD Annual Progress Review Panel members. This can be completed separately to the FRS but from 2014 is also included within that program.

  • eLearning Focus and Extension workshops

    These (2 hour) F2F workshops cover the assessment, grading, communication and collaborative functionality of the LMS to support best practice in teaching in an integrated environment. Integration of teaching with other eLearning systems is also covered.

  • Graduate Diploma, Masters & Research Higher Degrees

    There are opportunities to continue formal studies as a fee paying student in a Graduate Diploma or Masters of Education through FESW. Research higher degree study on University teaching and learning can be undertaken in several faculties.

  • Experienced Supervisors Development Network

    Support for faculty or division based face-to-face forums, collaboratively planned and implemented by experienced supervisors and the EI, to address identified issues in RHD supervision.
    Guidelines for planning a faculty/division research supervision forum can be downloaded from here.

  • Sydney Teaching Seminars

    Learn about practical and innovative ideas for teaching by attending seminars in this series that feature the #edtech talks, presentations by award winning teachers, and provocations to established practice. Fortnightly across the year.

  • Curriculum Scholars' Networks

    The four Scholars Networks bring together communities of practice to support learning and development in relation to the University's educational priorities. The networks meet to share the practices and expertise of colleagues and to connect members to university initiatives.

  • Associate Deans Learning and Teaching Network

    Meetings of the ADLT Group are convened to support the leadership of these individuals in enhancing teaching and learning. Meetings are a forum for collaboration, learning, consultation and critical discussion in support of university teaching and learning initiatives members are implementing.

  • The Sydney Teaching Colloquium

    The annual Colloquium brings together staff and students over two days to share practices and expertise in relation to topics of staff interest and agreed university priorities.

  • Recognition of Teaching (Awards and Promotions)

    Staff can use online resources and participate in central and faculty based workshops to reflect on their teaching achievements, gather and review data to support the development of applications for awards and promotions.

  • SoTL Projects (Teaching Grants workshops and support)

    Staff can collaborate with peers and EI colleagues on research projects into university teaching, learning and curriculum, and to develop competitive applications for university and national funding to support SoTL Projects.

  • Individual consultation

    EI academics are available for individual consultations on topics related to university teaching and learning.