New Assessment Policy & Procedures

At the end of 2011 the Academic Board approved a new Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures, and agreed that implementation would occur over the next two years. In this project, the ITL is working collaboratively with the faculties to implement the standards-based assessment approaches and enhanced emphasis on the provision of useful feedback that are the main changes to the policy.

We will be working with Associate Deans (learning and teaching) and groups of staff in each faculty to share examples of practice and explore issues relating to the implementation of the new policy. The aim of this project is to  develop and promote strategies whereby successful practices can be established and fostered within departments / programs. A Resources Pack is being developed to assist in this process.

The assessment principles upon which the new policy is based, can be found here.

Click on the links for the approved version of the policy and procedures.

 See here for an overview of the changes to the policy.

Project contact: Professor Keith Trigwell
Project timeline: June 2010 - November 2011