University-wide Curriculum Renewal

The University’s Strategic Plan commits the institution to engaging in University-wide curriculum renewal.

The Senior Executive Group (SEG) curriculum renewal strategy supports Goal 3 of the University’s Strategic Plan through two key initiatives:

  1. The work of the Curriculum and Course Planning Committee (CCPC) to review all new course proposals in terms of strategic fit with University and faculty plans.
  2. The Faculty-led Curriculum Renewal Strategy endorsed by SEG in 2011, which, from June 2012, enables faculties to negotiate the ‘terms of reference’ for their curriculum reviews with SEG Education in order to support the inclusion of relevant university priorities in their reviews.

This website supports the University community in relation to the second strategy: Faculty-led Curriculum Renewal.

Faculty-led Curriculum Renewal

Recognising that curriculum renewal is an activity that faculties are already engaged in and responsible for, the Senior Executive Group (SEG) have endorsed a process of locally-led curriculum review to build on existing processes to incorporate strategic University priorities such as to (1) embed Engaged Enquiry to foster graduate attributes, (2) broaden curriculum and co-curriculum to foster graduate attributes, (3) ensure pathways and coherence in degrees and majors, (4) ensure alignment with external imperatives e.g. AQF,TEQSA, professional accreditation bodies, (5) further develop curriculum governance structures, and (6) inform learning resource renewal.

In 2014, the university-wide coordination of curriculum renewal shifted from CCPC to SEG Education (Curriculum Working Party). You can read the initial CCPC Curriculum Renewal paper here.

Process for a Faculty-led curriculum review with CCPC

Faculties advise SEG Education of their 2 year curriculum schedule for curriculum review/renewal

Use the Faculty Review Schedule

SEG Education liaises with faculties to develop the Curriculum Renewal Proposal which includes the terms of reference [coming soon] for addressing the university's curriculum priorities.

Use the Curriculum Renewal Proposal

SEG Education expertise and curriculum resources support the planning and implementation of faculty review process.

Curriculum Renewal Resources

Report to SEG Education on recommendations arising from the review.

See Section 3 (page 9) "Reporting"

Support for faculty in design, implementation and monitoring of enhanced curriculum.

Talk to a staff member of the ITL.

Faculties with course or degree curriculum reviews commencing after 1 June 2012 should discuss and negotiate the terms of reference for these reviews with the SEG Education with a view to ensuring both faculty and University priorities are accommodated.

The SEG Education process is designed to support faculties in conducting their reviews and a member of the Curriculum Working Party will be assigned to support liaison.

The outcomes of curriculum reviews will be reported to SEG Education. These reports will assist the University in identifying curriculum principles and standards for use in future cycles of reviews.

A step-by-step guide to the process is available here. In 2013, SEG Education (formerly CCPC) is establishing a schedule of faculty reviews for 2013-15.

For advice on the SEG Education process please contact Dr Tai Peseta.

To find out more about the University’s curriculum renewal strategy or to discuss your faculty or division's curriculum renewal planning please contact Simon Barrie.