Support for Teachers;
Developing inclusive teaching

The ITL is working with other groups including the Social Inclusion Unit and colleagues in the Divisions, to support the commitment to inclusive teaching in the strategic plan and in particular the University's commitment to Indigenous education and the development of better appreciation of Indigenous perspectives for all students.

Resources to support more inclusive teaching are provided on this website and through the University's professional development programs for staff. Another key strategy has been the establishment of a network of Inclusive Teaching Scholars.

Colleagues selected from applicants for Inclusive Teaching Scholarships are supported through the network in initiating and encouraging the further development of inclusive teaching practices in their Faculties and Divisions. The insights and advice of the network also informs the University's strategic planning for inclusive teaching and learning. The 2011 round of scholarships are now closed. For more information click here.

The Inclusive teaching Scholars can collaborate with colleagues in their Divisions to access inclusive curriculum renewal grants in 2011.

Through the Inclusive Teaching Scholars network we will also identify researchers in the Divisions whose research might be relevant to inclusive education. These researchers in the Divisions can also apply for other grants to support research which informs inclusive teaching issues.

Some of the theories and ideas currently underpinning inclusive teaching are outlined in the Inclusive Teaching Research and Grants section and the Inclusive Teaching Scholars would be happy to discuss these with colleagues.

We are also building a clearer picture of the experiences of our diverse student body through a series of research studies. These Student Voice projects capture advice from our own students for how we can best include them through our teaching.

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