Staff Development for Indigenous Education

The DVC Education Portfolio supports the University's strategic commitment to Indigenous education – Wingara Mura Barrabugu – and the development of a better appreciation of Indigenous perspectives for all students.

Indigenous inclusion is a key focus of our Inclusive Teaching initiative. This initiative seeks to encourage and support members of the University in adopting an approach to teaching which positions diversity as an asset and opportunity to be built upon in teaching and curriculum design. Teaching in ways which value, respond to, and celebrate diversity lies at the core of inclusive teaching. Inclusive teaching is an approach that creates learning environments where students, irrespective of background can maximise the potential for their own learning and the learning of others. It is an approach that has the potential to enrich the teaching and learning experiences of all students and staff. In relation to Indigenous education the Inclusive teaching initiative seeks to:

  • Increase teaching staff awareness of Indigenous education issues and engagement with the University’s developing Indigenous Education Strategy
  • Ensure teaching staff are aware of the resources available to support Indigenous student learning
  • Support staff in developing the attitudes and expertise necessary to integrate indigenous perspectives in curriculum and teaching.

We realise these intentions through a range of educational development strategies including: the development and provision of resources and expertise to support inclusive teaching (web-based, in print, in person), the provision of professional learning programs for new university teachers (Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning), and programs for more experienced university teachers and leaders of teaching (including the Graduate Certificate, and since 2010, through the former Widening Participation Scholars network. Building on the network and in collaboration with the Social Inclusion Unit, a series of Widening Participation Grants were offered to support curriculum renewal and research into issues of inclusion/exclusion in teaching and learning.

We also work to ensure inclusive teaching issues are considered in university policy and curriculum development and seeks to raise awareness of inclusive teaching through its communication strategies including its publications such as Teaching@Sydney.