Indigenous students

  • would like teachers and other students to be mindful that Indigenous students might be in their classes, people don't have to look Indigenous to be Indigenous.
  • have to deal with culturally inappropriate behaviour repeatedly and are unsure as to how to respond to racist comments in appropriate ways.
  • are at times expected to know a lot about Indigenous issues.
  • are unsure how to give teachers feedback about concerns or frustrations.
  • would like teachers to be aware of their Indigenous backgrounds, would like them to see it as an asset not an excuse.
  • feel there is a general oversimplification of Indigenous issues and would like to know more about them and have them taught by people who know.
  • think it would be helpful if a distinction could be made between urban Indigenous students and rural Indigenous students.
  • are very comfortable with and do a lot of learning from each other and learning through doing.
  • have many shared feelings about family and that this helps bring Indigenous students together as a group.
  • place high expectations on themselves to do well and that teachers didn't necessarily hold the same.


These issues are identified in research and in our students' experiences. You can read more about these by following the links below.

See Inclusive teaching references – Indigenous inclusion

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