The National Graduate Attributes Project: Integration and assessment of graduate attributes in curriculum

The National Graduate Attributes Project is a scoping project, funded in 2007-8 by The Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and led by the University of Sydney, which investigates institutional strategies and institutional policy issues related to embedding and assessing graduate attributes.

This study explores curriculum renewal strategies to achieve graduate attributes in Australian universities. Graduate attributes are the set of core outcomes a university community agrees all its graduates will develop during their studies, and are usually stated in institutional policy.

The study builds on previous research into successful embedding of graduate attributes in curriculum and assessment and also on research into the reasons why individual academics sometimes do not develop curricula around graduate attributes. It draws on data from every Australian university in the form of published reports, as well as interviews with representatives of the 36 participating universities and the insights and experiences shared by the 340 participants at national seminars. The data collection and dissemination process aims to further build the capacity of all participating colleagues in the GAP network.

This website contains Background information on the three phases of the project as well as the various Resources developed by the project. If you would like to know more about the project please contact the GAP Project team.