Introduction to mapped universities' statements of graduate attributes

Policy statements of graduate attributes (GA's) were gathered from all Australian universities' public websites during 2008. It is hoped that this collection of de-identified university statements might be helpful for universities seeking to revise and further develop their graduate attributes statements.

In order to assist people in locating relevant statements amongst the many hundreds of statements collected, a way of organising these was necessary. The statements were sorted into groups describing similar graduate attributes. For ease of analysis, a set of categories developed from a similar analysis of international research universities' GA statements, conducted several years ago was used.

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This framework identifies two different levels of attributes statements based on the COGA framework (Barrie 2004, 2006). As the sorting of the current statements occurred it became apparent that the various statements reflected different levels of outcomes which corresponded to the levels described by Barrie (2006) as 'Enabling' attributes - which can be thought of as broader dispositions, and 'Translation' level attributes which are more discrete, discipline specific attributes.
At the Enabling level, three categories were used:

  1. Scholarship,
  2. Global Citizenship
  3. Life Long learning

At the Translation level five categories were used

  1. Research and Inquiry
  2. Information Literacy
  3. Personal and Intellectual Autonomy
  4. Ethical Social and Professional Understanding
  5. Communication

The boundaries between categories are artificial constructs and some university statements related to more than one category. Where this is the case the statement appears in both categories and is marked by an asterisk. Where there were many statements within a category relating to a particular aspect of graduate attributes we have attempted to identify these as subcategories. The categories used within each level are arbitrary and only one of many available options, however all statements were able to be allocated to these categories.

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