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Issue 20, November 2004  

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Tai Peseta
Ann Brewer, Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor
Reflections of the recent AUQA audit
Alyson Simpson & Lesley Harbon
The emerging role of the e-moderator: a research report
Hugh Miller & Marc Raimondo
The Talented Student Program:
an integrated learning solution
Fiona White
Developing as a research supervisor
Andrew J A Holland, Dianne Campbell & Wendy Oldmeadow
Learning practical paediatric clinical skills
Joe Khachan
Induction manual for new staff members to the University of gone a bit backward learning environment U-GABBLE
Sue Gordon
Tools for self-study and developing teaching in a Mathematics Learning Centre
Mary Peat & Charlotte Taylor
Virtual biology: how well can it replace authentic activities?
Mark Freeman & Jill Kelton
Peer mentoring programs: Enhancing the learning experience in Economics & Business
Danielle Merrett, Susanna Smith & Michele Cotton
Pioneering ways for veterinary graduates to become life long learners
Mark Freeman
Director, Centre to Advance Learning in Economics & Business (CALEB), Faculty of Economics and Business
T&L snapshots
ITL focus
Book review