Staff Research

The contribution of teaching and learning research to supporting the University’s strategy

The research of the academic staff in the teaching and learning units directly supports and informs the work outlined in the units’ strategic plans, and hence the strategic goals of the University.  Through its high quality, it does so while contributing to the research standing and reputation of the University.  The research provides a credible basis to the University’s commitment to research-enhanced teaching and evidence-based educational policy and strategy development.

The research of staff in the units has provided the theoretical basis for key University policies and systems. That same research has had international impact as seen in: the applications of that research and those systems at other prestigious universities (e.g. curriculum renewal at Kings College London and the University of Warwick; survey design by the Higher Education Academy), the high citations of that research, the consultancy requests, keynote speaker invitations and visiting fellow enquiries received. 

The research includes high quality ERA outputs, research and development grants (OLT & ARC); institutional research reports for faculties and SEG committees, and higher degree research student supervision in several faculties.

The research areas of staff have been intentionally developed to align with the University’s strategic plans goals, which are to:

  1. Support the enhancement of teaching and curriculum quality through:
    1. Strategic teaching and curriculum initiatives: Research of current staff on curriculum, graduate attributes, standards based assessment, academic honesty, research enhanced teaching, blended learning.
    2. Professional development for university teachers: Research of current staff on effective staff development strategies, research on the impact of professional development post graduate courses, mentoring, reflective practice, the scholarship of teaching and learning, online professional learning, professional development of research supervisors.
    3. Surveys of the student experience: Research of current staff on survey design, survey statistical methodology.
    4. Promoting and promulgating teaching excellence: Research of current staff identifying effective (excellent) teaching and curriculum practices
  1. Enhance learning support for students through:
    1. Academic learning support: Research of current staff on language and literacy learning, student learning identities and approaches to learning, intercultural and cross–cultural communication.
    2. Mathematics learning support: Research of current staff on mathematics and statistics learning support.
  1. Further develop the research and evidence basis which informs teaching and learning enhancement through:
    1. Staff research: Research of current staff is reviewed annually (APD) to ensure research activities continue to align, or are supported to more closely align, with ongoing and emerging university priorities (e.g. diversity and cultural competence). New staff are recruited with research expertise relevant to emerging university priorities (e.g. curriculum renewal).
    2. External engagement: Research of current staff is recognised as world leading in areas such as; academic development strategies, evaluation of the quality of the student learning experience, university teaching and learning, graduate outcomes led curriculum renewal.
  1. Ensure governance to evaluate, review and enhance EI, LC and MLC functions
    1. Evaluation and planning: Research of current staff on effective and innovative academic development strategies.
    2. Internal capacity building: Research of current staff on effective staff development.
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