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To kick start our University-wide move to Canvas over the next 6-18 months, the Educational Innovation Team as part of the DVC (Education) Portfolio are hosting a series of ‘Welcome to Canvas’ sessions to introduce interested academics and designers to how Canvas works, and importantly how to ‘think in Canvas’, which is fundamentally different to how we have been thinking about unit site design for many years.

In these brief 1-hour sessions, we will discuss how Canvas is structurally and philosophically different, how basic unit site design will work in Canvas, introduce you to key Canvas features, and start reimagining your unit sites. These sessions are repeats of each other, so you only need to go to one. Get in quick because we can only fit in a certain number of people due to venue size restrictions. If there is significant demand, we’ll host more sessions or move to a larger venue.

Sessions geared towards OLE designers

Sessions were held in May 2017. Slidedeck available for viewing. Recording available by request. An additional session is available for those who missed it, need a refresher or are interested. However, if you are not specifically interested in running an OLE unit in Canvas, the general sessions below are more appropriate.

Wed 5 July 2017, 9.30 am New session for OLE designers

General sessions

Fri 30 June 2017, 9.30 am Westmead Hospital

Mon 3 July 2017, 1 pm New

Thu 20 July 2017, 1 pm New

Mon 24 July 2017, 1 pm New

Wed 2 August 2017, 1 pm New


With the exception of the session at Westmead Hospital on Friday 30th June, these will be held in rooms 249 and 250 on Fisher Library level 2.

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Supporting these sessions, you may also want to check out our growing collection of Canvas articles on Teaching@Sydney:


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