Enterprise and engagement

The University’s 2016-20 Strategic Plan proposes a significant transformation to undergraduate education and the way our students experience learning.

To do this, the University is substantially increasing its capacity to offer students opportunities to address authentic industry and community problems and issues. It means a greater level of engagement with a broad range of industry and community organisations.

The Enterprise and Engagement team will support the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education - Enterprise and Engagement) to:

  • initiate, build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with industry and community organisations to create and deliver specific educational activities
  • work with academic and professional staff to facilitate disciplinary and multidisciplinary educational engagement across a range of activities, both project and practice-based.

Potential projects can be broad in scope and may explore research problems or entrepreneurship opportunities or issues and opportunities arising in community and industry settings.

We aim to source genuine problems from our partners on which teams of students – often from different disciplinary backgrounds – will then work together under the guidance of our staff as well as industry and community expertise. Our goal is to nurture students to formulate fruitful approaches and develop creative, ethical and context-sensitive solutions.

These units will embed key skills and attributes gleaned from major studies with a strong emphasis on:

  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • inventiveness
  • collaboration
  • cross-cultural competencies
  • digital literacy.

Many projects will involve interdisciplinary teams and are important ways students can learn to:

  • recognise the roles of different forms of disciplinary or professional expertise
  • communicate across disciplinary or professional boundaries
  • work proactively in interdisciplinary or interprofessional teams
  • deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • develop integrative solutions that are ethically and socially responsible.

For our students, these experiences will:

  • provide authentic application of expertise to real-world challenges
  • assist students from a broad range of disciplines to transition into careers
  • develop interdisciplinary effectiveness.

For our partners, collaborating with the University will:

  • build robust, long-lasting relationships with some of our most highly motivated students
  • engage students in real-world problems and provide them with invaluable insights into your business and the kind of careers on offer
  • tap into a pool of talented future employees offer general benefits to your organisation as our students gain and apply a range of skills.

Get involved, connect, collaborate

When universities and industry work together they become a powerful force of innovation and economic growth. Together we can deliver solutions to pressing social challenges.

For more information please contact:
Professor Richard Miles
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education - Enterprise and Engagement)
+61 2 8627 5558