About Feedback for Teachers (FFT)

Feedback for Teachers (FFT) is an online survey system that provides an avenue for individual staff members to gain feedback on their teaching. It is an optional service through which staff members place an order for each class they wish to survey.

The Feedback for Teachers survey serves two purposes:

  • Providing information for individual teachers to reflect on and improve their teaching, using student perceptions and experiences as one of several sources of feedback.
  • As a source of evidence when demonstrating teaching excellence e.g. in an application for a job, promotion, or teaching award.

Results are returned only to the teacher that placed the order. It is up to them to decide whether to discuss the feedback with colleagues and what action to take. Academic staff in either the Educational Innovation (EI) Team or the Quality and Analytics (QA) Group are available to discuss the feedback and advise on the development of improved teaching strategies.

To avoid the over-surveying of students, it is recommended that student feedback be collected only with the clear intention of acting upon it, and that students be informed of any actions and improvements arising from the feedback they have provided.

While useful, student perceptions are only one source of feedback on the teaching and learning process. Resources to assist you in undertaking peer- and self-evaluation are available here. Should you wish to discuss alternative ways of obtaining feedback on your teaching from sources other than students, please do not hesitate to contact an academic staff member in either the EI Team or QA Group.

FFT versions

There are a range of FFT questionnaire versions available, depending on the teaching setting: lectures, tutorials and demonstrations. In addition, Sydney Law School teachers have to option to use a tailored questionnaire.

FFT administration process

FFT orders must be placed by the staff member wishing to get feedback on their teaching here prior to the USS for their unit of study opening (which usually occurs in the last two weeks of each teaching period). The FFT is administered online, using Sydney Student and Timetabling data to automatically generate a list of classes available to be surveyed for each unit of study, and to identify the students enrolled in each class selected. If no Timetabling information is available for a unit of study, you will be asked to either provide a list of student IDs for the sub-set of students you wish to survey, or you will be given the option to survey all students enrolled in the unit.

Students will be emailed an invitation to participate on the survey open date, which will be linked to the scheduled USS open date for that unit. Students who have not responded will be emailed a reminder one week later. To maximise response rates, we recommend teachers allow time in class for students to complete the survey on their smartphone/tablet/laptop via www.sydney.edu.au/itl/surveys/complete. Further tips on maximising response rates are available here.

Staff tracking

Staff who order an FFT will receive an email notification on the survey open date, and then an update email one week later. Staff can monitor response rates of their surveys at any time via sydney.edu.au/education-portfolio/ei/feedback/reports/tracking.cfm.


Results will be made available only to the staff member who requests the survey. Reports are made via http://sydney.edu.au/itl/feedback/reports/.

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the FFT system, or need assistance placing an order, please contact a member of the QA Group Surveys team.