Responding to the SCEQ

The SCEQ data provides faculties with a useful resource to inform strategic teaching and curriculum developments. Faculty Associate Deans Learning and Teaching coordinate how their faculty responds to the survey. If you would like to get involved in your faculty's discussion of the results please contact your Faculty A/Dean L&T.

The The Quality and Analytics Group can provide support to faculties in the following ways:

Support in disseminating SCEQ results to staff in faculties. The EI provides the SCEQ web site in order that staff and students of The University can access the results of the SCEQ. Staff of the University are advised of the web site address and the availability of each year's SCEQ results by email and flier.

The staff of the EI are also available to support faculty based dissemination activities such as faculty information sessions and workshops to encourage staff to consider the SCEQ results.

Support for faculties in interpreting and responding to SCEQ results. The EI A/Deans L&T group considers the SCEQ results at one of its meetings.

Staff of the EI are also available to meet with faculty teaching committees or other faculty representatives to support such groups in their consideration of the faculty's SCEQ data.

Such faculty based consultation through the A/Deans L&T group or faculty committees might encompass:

  • Support in identifying particular strengths and weaknesses and strategies to effectively address these
  • Support in identifying relevant issues to investigate further and the formulation of collaborative research strategies to effect such investigations
  • Support in interpreting results and in identifying potential contributing factors
  • Support in making use of the students open response comments and consideration of the issues identified in these.

Staff at the EI can also collaborate with colleagues in the faculties on the development of strategies and resources to support faculties in addressing particular teaching and learning issues identified in the SCEQ data. For instance the EI might collaborate with the A/Dean L&T group on the development of a series of faculty based workshops addressing best practice in aspects of teaching and learning identified in the SCEQ, for instance "Appropriate Assessment" or "Clear Goals and Standards". The group might also collaborate to identify strategies to successfully reward and share existing examples of quality teaching practices identified by the SCEQ results.

The EI Evaluation and Quality Assurance Working Committee

From 2000-2008 the EI convened EQA working group to support faculties in making the best use of data from surveys like the SCEQ. The Resources developed by the EQA working group along with notes from the meetings of the working group are available on the EQA Working Group website and can provide ideas on how to respond to the SCEQ.

If you would like to get involved in your faculty's response to the SCEQ results please contact your Faculty A/Dean L&T.