What is being done about the things students say in their feedback?

The University is committed to acting on students' feedback on teaching - however it hasn't always been very good at letting students know about what it's doing!

Every two years a sample of students give the University their feedback via the Student Course Experience Questionnaire (SCEQ). The reports summarising this feedback for each degree surveyed are available on the website (See your Faculty or Degree report here).

This year the University has asked Faculties to report on:

The University's Education Committee has also looked at all the faculty reports and identified the common concerns raised by students about the 'feedback they receive on their assignments' as a priority issue to address in 2011.The University will work to improve feedback in the coming year; actions being considered include:

Next year the University will also do more to let students know about how it is responding to issues raised in other surveys, for example surveys of postgraduate research student experience and Unit of Study surveys (read about how faculties are doing this already). We welcome your feedback on any of the faculty reports, so please get in touch at qa.surveys@sydney.edu.au

  • developing university wide guidelines for quality feedback
  • working with the SRC and Faculty student organisations to find ways of involving students in improving feedback practices.