Surveys of the student experience

The Quality and Analytics Group administers surveys of the student experience at three levels:

  • The degree or course level;
    • Current students (SES or SREQ; and SB/ISB)
    • Recent graduates (AGS which includes the GDS and either the CEQ or PREQ; and BGS). Please note that in 2016 the AGS is being replaced by the GOS, and the BGS is being replaced by the GOS-L.
  • The unit of study level (USS); and
  • The individual teacher level (FFT).

Please contact the QA Group Surveys team if you have any queries about student experience surveys.

Evaluation of teaching and learning

One of the ways we evaluate teaching and learning at Sydney is via surveys of the student experience. In addition to gathering and using student evaluation data, peer evaluation and self evaluation are also important practices for university teachers. Resources to support peer and self evaluation of your teaching can be found in:

Curriculum review and course evaluation

The Education Portfolio provides the University with consultative support in curriculum reviews and course evaluations (including preparation for accreditation). Student experience survey results form one possible source of information in curriculum evaluation.

Please contact Professor Adam Bridgeman or Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick if you have any queries.

Evaluation of educational innovation

The Education Portfolio provides support for Educational Innovation Grant holders and provides connections to further support by other groups and networks e.g. ICT, eLearning, faculty-based innovation mentors, etc. This is primarily via a series of evaluation and support workshops run throughout the grant period, which are scheduled to support preparation of the progress report and final report.

Please contact Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick if you have any queries.