LA Roadmap

There is a broad program of work to develop the learning analytics capability of the University that consists of the following streams:

  1. Governance establishment;
  2. Engagement and consultation with staff and students;
  3. Securing and assessing the quality and utility of the University’s learning analytics data assets;
  4. Development of a suite of learning analytics tools, that will meet the needs of a range of user groups and user purposes; and
  5. Professional development for University staff.

The Learning Analytics Advisory Board (LAAB) met for the first time on the 25 July 2017. LAAB provides a governance framework for learning analytics data and information, to ensure that:

  • Strategic directions for learning analytics and activities in this area conform to the Principles for using student information (PDF, 142KB);
  • Consistent data and information management processes are established and adhered to in order to meet privacy, ethics, security and data handling requirements whilst also realising the potential of student data to provide learning analytics insights to students, teachers and the University more broadly;
  • Key stakeholders have an opportunity to help shape the development of learning analytics at the University.

A small students-as-partners project will run in the second half of 2017. There are also a number of technology projects being undertaken in 2017 including a proof-of-concept student success software project, review of a number of promising tools for teachers, as well as subscription to and exploration of Canvas Analytics data.


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