Theory, practice & examples

Below is a list of topics pertaining to the integration of ICT into teaching & learning. Each topic contains information, links to web-based resources for further study, as well as classroom examples and case studies, where available.

 Cross-curriculum perspectives
Indigenous perspectives, environmental education, literacy, numeracy, globalization and citizenship
 Interactive whiteboards & slide presentations best practice and image libraries for presentations and interactive whiteboards.
 Collaborative learning: What is collaborative learning? What is Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL)?  Mobile learning
Constructivism: How does a constructivist approach differ from a traditional approach? How do you design student-centred constructivist learning activities?  The Internet & social media : chatting, conferencing, course management, online games, and wikis for teaching and learning.
 Learning objects  The school curriculum
 Multimedia: Multimedia learning theory, web design, and multimedia learning examples.  Modelling, simulation & virtual environments