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Meet our school staff

Delivering excellence in research and education

Our staff, academics and researchers strive for excellence in chemical and biomolecular engineering.

Key staff

Professor Dianne Wiley, Head of School

Dr John Kavanagh, Deputy Head of School

Ms Alexandra Missiris, School Manager

Dr John Kavanagh, Undergraduate Director

Professor Timothy Langrish, Postgraduate Coursework Director

Professor Yuan Chen, Higher Degree Research Director

Dr Alejandro Montoya, Teaching and Learning Director

Associate Professor Zongwen Liu, Research Director

Administrative and technical staff

Dr Jeffrey Shi, Safety Officer and Building Manager

Dr Tino Kausmann, Building Maintenance Coordinator

Dr Bogumil Eichstaedt, Senior Technical Officer

Ms Nancy Xie, Senior Technical Officer

Ms Annette Karydis, Administrative Coordinator

Ms Agnes Constanti, Administrative Coordinator

Ms Tiffany Doan, Administrative Assistant (Assistant to Professor Dianne Wiley)